Our Values & How we Hire

  • We won’t hire anyone who is homophobic/transphobic/racist/or a bully! These are also all ways to get fired as none of these are tolerable in any way. We feel like the safety and atmosphere backstage are really, really important and there are no “untouchables” It doesn’t matter if someone is really good, “top talent”, if they breach these values, we do not want them on our shows.

  • You don’t need to be our friend or even really like each other personality wise to get booked! Likewise, being super good friends with any of us will not give anyone special privileges. We don’t want FF to be in any way cliquey. To be a part of FF you DO have to be a part of the positive feel back stage. We want to create an atmosphere of empowerment where we’re all building each other up in every way we can!

  • We really want to create a promotion where you are running your own show as far as creative input goes! We want you all to be telling the stories and being the characters that YOU want to be. We will, of course, help with direction when needed, help you find your voice through brainstorming or whatever, but ideally, you will all be getting a chance to have your own voices. You all have and will have really brilliant ideas and just need the space to do so. That’s why we do what we do! To give you that space! Wanna turn face, but everyone always books you as a heel? (Or the other way around?) We don’t want to do that to you here. Let us know and we’ll make it happen! Lots of our storylines that the fans love came directly from yourselves, so we wanna keep that going!

  • We feel like the passion and desire to learn and grow goes a lot farther than not giving someone a chance because they don’t have prior experience. We’re all about giving you a chance to practice and shine and hone your craft the way you want to. A billionty guys wanted to do colour commentary and had this, that, and the other experience-but picking a loud (and clearly passionate fan) out of the crowd and inviting her to join the team was one of my favourite decisions ever! So, we wanna keep running that way.

  • We’ve got a hard line on not hiring random guys to wrestle. I’m not sure why they ask so often, but they do. There’s a million bookings out there for them, so no. This is gonna stay with us. We don’t need “boyfriend valets”, that’s a story men tell for women and doesn’t seem like a story women tell for women. So we’re not gonna stick you with that. Drag queens don’t really have much space on other rosters, so we’re happy to hire queens! And also, trans women are women. Obviously.

  • We want FF to be the platform to get what you want out of your career and will do everything in our power to help you with it! Do you want to practice story arcs and writing? Awesome! We can help! Are you trying to just get as many eyes on yourselves and eventually go on to WWE? Awesome, what a wonderful reason to lose a roster member! Just let us know what you want and we’ll try and help you get there.