Safety Values


Fierce Females prides ourselves on being inclusive, safe and unique.

We are a platform for female performers to showcase their talent in the professional wrestling industry.


We want you to feel safe as a member of our roster and we have put in place several policies and codes which every person who is involved with Fierce Females must adhere to.


We have the following policies in place:

  • Safeguarding Policy

  • Performer and Employee Code of Conduct

  • Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales

  • Social Media Policy


As you may know, these changes have been put in place due to the #SpeakingOut movement which has uncovered the unprecedented level of abuse and sexual harassment in the industry.

We are working with Equity Performers Union to create a safe environment for you to be a part of.

Safeguarding Policy

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What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the practice of ensuring that vulnerable people have their health, well-being and rights protected in society. This means ensuring that they don’t suffer from things like neglect or abuse, and in the case of children, can grow up in an environment that ensures they get everything they need to be healthy and happy. In this article, we’re going to consider what safeguarding means in the workplace - what it covers, and what employees need to do.


Who needs safeguarding?

While safeguarding is most commonly used in regards to children and young people, it can in fact apply to anyone, and is designed to cater to all ethnicities, genders and religions. Aside from minors, the next largest group of people that require the most consideration, are vulnerable adults. Examples of vulnerable adults include the elderly, those with mental health issues, learning disabilities, or physical disabilities.


What does vulnerable mean?

Anyone who requires any kind of care is likely to be considered vulnerable, and therefore requires some form of safeguarding. If you work in a care home, in any kind of healthcare setting, or somewhere that delivers education, then there is a very good chance that you work somewhere in which you need to think about safeguarding.

How Fierce Females will Safeguard you.

Health: We will take into account any health needs which you may have and aim to make adaptions where possible. Due to the physical nature of professional wrestling, there requires to be a minimum level of fitness prior to commencing training and you may have to have clearance from your G.P. There are certain medical conditions that may not be compatible with training and these will be discussed on an individual basis and will be private and confidential.

Safety: We will provide a safe environment for training and performing by means of having a qualified personal trainer at training sessions, first aider at all training sessions and a qualified paramedic at all shows. All training equipment such as rings, mats and gym equipment will be inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is fit for purpose. We will have separate changing areas in the Dojo and at shows for male and female staff/performers. All trainers are PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Disclosure checked and are update on an annual basis.

Discrimination: We will ensure that you are not discriminated against. Fierce Females aims to be inclusive. We welcome all regardless of ethnicity, LGBTI+ status. We are a female based company, therefore we accept all that are female or identify as female or non-binary. If you feel that you are being discriminated against, we will investigate this and report and take steps to resolve the issue.

Abuse: Abuse can take numerous forms, physical, mental, psychological, financial, honour-based, sexual and gender-based. At Fierce Females, we will not tolerate any form of abuse, bullying or harassment and we take all allegations of this nature seriously. We will investigate all matters relating to abuse, bullying and harassment fully and where a crime has been committed, will be reported to relevant agencies and/or the police. We will exclude anyone found to be abusing, bullying or harassing anyone at Fierce Females and Dojo. This includes any form of communication such as, verbal, physical, written, intimidating behaviour and online. We have therefore created a Social Media Policy for those associated with Fierce Females to adhere to.


Safeguarding Officer

A Safeguarding Officer is a qualified person designated by Fierce Female to be a point of contact for anyone who wishes to use them. The Safeguarding Officer is responsible for taking action if a concern is raised. The Safeguarding Officer can be approached in confidence and will not share any information unless there is a criminal offence committed, or it is a matter of child or adult protection and they are legally obliged to notify the relevant agencies.

The Safeguarding Officer can be used as a means of mediation between parties where concerns have been raised. Most concerns can be dealt with between parties through mediation, where this is not possible, the Safeguarding Officer can approach the perceived abuser. All cases of abuse, bullying and harassment will be dealt with promptly and a written record will be kept. We will operate a yellow and red card system whereby if a person is found to be abusing, bullying or harassment will be given a warning and if it happens again, the person will be excluded from Fierce Females and the Dojo. If it is deemed as serious, then the person will be excluded from Fierce Females and the Dojo with immediate effect.

Safeguarding Officer

Samantha Daly


Samantha is NHS trained in safeguarding, Gender-based Violence, Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, child and adult protection and is a Registered Health Care Professional. She is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and an NHS Employee.

She can be contacted either in person or by email on

Please note that the safeguarding officer is the only person with access to the mailbox to ensure confidentiality.