Fierce Females Promise to Staff/Talent:

Fierce Females Management takes the safety and empowerment of our staff and roster incredibly seriously! That’s why we want to offer you the following promises:

1. We will continue to have a licensed paramedic present at every Fierce Females show.

2. All transport and accommodation arrangements will be made clear well in advance of the show.

3. Separate and secure dressing room space is provided for each and every show.


4. Any incidents reported will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. There will never be any negative repercussions for reporting an incident and we will do our best to keep people coming forward with concerns confidential whenever possible.

5. Any changes to our policies and safeguarding procedures will be made public and kept transparent. We welcome any questions and concerns and will review these policies and procedures on a regular basis to ensure we’re operating at the highest level of safety for all Fierce Females staff and roster members.

                                                             The Dojo


All trainers will be PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scotlant) checked, which will be updated on a regular basis. This will ensure that all trainers have no criminal convictions. Ayesha Raymond, our lead trainer, is first aid qualified and a licensed personal trainer. Ayesha will be at all Fierce Females Dojo classes and training sessions to ensure the trainees are in good hands!


All trainees will be required to complete registration forms, which will be signed and along with a code of conduct. If a person if found in breach of the code of conduct, their details will be passed onto all training schools and the police will be informed if of a criminal nature.

We also have a Safegaurding Officer, Samantha Daly, who any trainee can approach in confidence with any concerns. She is trained in child protection and safegarding women. You can read more about her under the Safety Policies page.

If a member of the public has any concerns regarding a person associated with The Fierce Females Dojo, their concerns will be taken seriously and the matter investigated.

     - Veda Rose, Ayesha Raymon, Sammie Jo, & Toni Shivers