1. Ensure I have an up to date PVG/DBS Check

2. I understand and will ensure that everyone is to be treated with respect, not only within the Fierce Females staff, roster, and trainees, but also the entire audience. Respect will be given to every person regardless of race, age, sex/gender identity, sexuality.

3. I will not engage in discriminatory behaviours including, but not limited to: sexual, boundary pushing, harassment, violence, or bullying in any way, shape or form. I will ensure to do my part in creating a safe space within Fierce Females.


4. I have read and understand the Safegaurding Policies and will bring any issues I become aware of to the Safegaurding Officer. I understand that doing so will not endanger my position with Fierce Females.

5. I have read and understand Fierce Females Values and agree to nurture them as a member of the Fierce Females team.


6. I will arrive on time and understand that attending the Team Meeting before doors is mandatory as it is the perfect time to raise any and all questions about the event. Fierce Females Management welcomes all questions and concerns and can answer with full transparency at these meetings.


7. I understand that as a member of Fierce Females staff/team/or talent I represent Fierce Females

as well as my own product and, as such, I will act in a safe and professional manner.


8. I will not abuse my position of power or push boundaries with these dynamics.


9. I will conduct myself both within Fierce Females events/training as well as within my personal life in a way that aligns with the Fierce Females expectation of safety and respect for all.

10. If I can not attend my arranged work shift or booking, I will alert Fierce Females Management as soon as possible.


11. I will report any incidents of misconduct as soon as possible so that Fierce Females can take appropriate steps in a timely manner.


I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to the above Fierce Females Code of Conduct. I also understand that if I break any of the above, it will lead to suspension or ban from Fierce Females. I also understand if any of my actions are of a criminal nature, Fierce Females will report these actions to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

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Name (Print): __________________________
Date: _________________________________