Our History

Fierce Females is Scotland’s only all-women wrestling promotion. Starting in Glasgow in 2012, we have grown strongly from an ad-hoc show during down-time to a promotion with local and international talent, a fanbase outside of the ‘normal’ wrestling fans, and an ethos of positivity and inclusivity. Fierce Females was started by pro-wrestler Mikey Whiplash in 2012, with a view to showcase some of the talent that was coming up from local wrestling schools that he felt were getting overlooked by some of the more mainstream promotions in Scotland. With Insane Championship Wrestling as a sponsor, the first show saw a mix of women’s wrestling, burlesque acts, and a crowd that were hungry for more. These shows continued sporadically, and allowed some wrestlers that are now household names to get more experience in the ring. Current stars such as Piper Niven, Kay Lee Rae, Isla Dawn, and Nikki Cross have all spent a lot of time in Fierce Females ring through the years. But with Mikey Whiplash taking over SOURCE wrestling school and concentrating on his own wrestling career, Fierce Females was put on an extended hiatus.


Enter Naveda Rose – a feminist artist who grew up in the Riot Grrrl scene of the US in the 90’s, and who had recently been re-introduced to wrestling after losing interest during the “Attitude Era” of bra and panties matches. After connecting with Mikey Whiplash, and hearing him talk about the women at his school not having as many options for wrestling, she was the driving force in bringing back Fierce Females and – as the gig scene from her home state of Washington was so fond of – doing it themselves. And so, between them they scouted a venue, called in a few favours, and put on Fierce Females – Don’t Call It A Comeback. Since then, our shows at The Shed in Glasgow have grown and grown, and featured performers seen on Lucha Underground, AEW, WWE, ROH, SHINE, and many other promotions throughout the world, as well as homegrown talent that have come up through the SOURCE training school and other schools throughout the world. We’ve recently launched a new on-demand service (fiercefemales.vhx.tv) and started working with a new production company, Moonsault Media that really gets us close to the action, and showcases the roster in the best possible ways.

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