Our History

Fierce Females is an all-women, professional wrestling promotion based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our aim is to provide women with a platform to perform. Why female only? Women are often given one match on a show which they only have a few minutes and don’t get a chance to show their true wrestling and performance skills.

Fierce Females was founded in 2012 by former professional wrestler, Mikey Whiplash. Fierce Females was born. Originally based out of the famous Glasgow Arches Nightclub a change began to happen. Stars such as current WWE NXT UK Champion KayLee Ray, NXT UK stars Piper Niven and Isla Dawn, WWE superstar Nikki Cross, WWE May Young Classic and SEAdLINNNG star Amazon Ayesha Raymond and the Ice Ribbon star Jayla Dark all had a platform to perform early in their careers. Fierce Females prides itself on the pedigree of talent that have performed with us.


Early in 2016, founder of the original Fierce Females put the promotion on indefinite hiatus to focus on his own career and training obligations. It was not his intention to bring the promotion back to life. However, only a short time later, enter Naveda Rose – a feminist artist who grew up in the Riot Grrrl scene of the US in the 90’s, and who had recently been re-introduced to wrestling after losing interest during the “Attitude Era” of bra and panties matches. After connecting with Mikey Whiplash, and hearing him talk about the women at his then school not having as many options for wrestling, she was the driving force in bringing back Fierce Females and – as the gig scene from her home state of Washington was so fond of – doing it themselves. And so, between them they scouted a venue, called in a few favours, and put on Fierce Females – Don’t Call It A Comeback. From there, our shows at The Shed in Glasgow have grown and grown, and featured performers seen on Lucha Underground, AEW, WWE, ROH, SHINESEAdLINNNG and many other promotions throughout the world, as well as homegrown talent that have come up through the SOURCE training school and other schools throughout the world. We also launched an on-demand service (fiercefemales.vhx.tv)


In 2020 the #SpeakingOut movement unveiled the abuse and victimization against women in the professional wrestling industry. Fierce Females has always prided ourselves with creating a safe and empowering atmosphere at shows for all talent, crew, fans, and anyone associated with Fierce Females. Due to allegations made towards Mikey Whiplash, it was decided that he relinquished all ties with Fierce Females and co-owner Nevada Rose now holds full ownership of Fierce Females.

Nevada Rose, originally from Washington State, moved to Scotland in 2011. Veda, as she’s more often referred to, has been working in punk rock since 1994 and her experience is as paramount in continuing Fierce Females as it was in bringing it back for it’s second life in 2017.

Next we have Ayesha (Amazon) Raymond. Ayesha has 10 years experience in the wrestling world. Originally from London, Ayesha has honed her craft as far away in Japan. A SEAdLINNNG regular, Ayesha will be bringing a fresh outlook on Fierce Females and the now Fierce Females Dojo (previously Academy) Ayesha will be giving Fierce Females trainees well sought after Japanese training.

Toni Shivers also joins the ranks in Fierce Females management. Toni was unfortunately affected by the #SpeakingOut movement. Toni’s story has been heard around the world. She has been training at Source Wrestling School and will continue to do so. Toni is Boss Lady of Social Media at Fierce Females and we welcome her!

Lastly, we have Sammie Jo. You will know her as a Fierce Females regular! Sammie Jo has decided to end her days as an in-ring performer and focus on safeguarding. Sammie Jo is a registered healthcare Professional. She has extensive training in safeguarding women, child protection, PVG registered and adult protection trained. These skills and qualifications will prove to be invaluable and we welcome her to the team!


As a new team, we will be working together to ensure that Fierce Females and its Dojo is a safe and nurturing place for talent, staff, and fans alike. We will be releasing further information about how we will do this and aim to be as transparent as possible to provide robust policies. Things have changed within the wrestling industry and we aim to be as safe as possible.

We want to thank every performer and fan for your support. We can’t do this without you! Thank you for the ongoing support. We can’t wait to welcome you back!


Fierce Females – Veda, Ayesha, Sammie Jo, & Toni Shivers

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